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One of the most important things any church can do is to support worthy missionary outreaches. We currently help to support one overseas missions, a preacher training school and a disaster relief agency.

Evangelists in sensitive areas

We provide support for two different evangelist in remote parts of the earth.  Both are in situations where we won't publish their full names and locations.   Pray for Peter and Judah for protection and success as they labor for the Lord.



​Northeast Ohio Bible College exists to offering guidance to those who wish to reach a deeper level of knowledge in God's Word at a reasonable cost.  ​

They are committed to the training of men and women to become able workers in the Lord's Kingdom and to hold up the principles of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.

IDES is a relief organization among the independent Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. It consistently receives the highest recommendations from independent agencies which rate charities on the basis of the percentage of money that makes its way the the people in need.

They use a unique distribution system which utilizes local churches and missionaries in a disaster area to efficiently distribute needed supplies.

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