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Our History

How We Got Started....

Years ago the leaders of a local Christian Church conceived the idea of starting a new church in the Murrysville - Export - Delmont area. However serious planning didn't begin until the Spring of 2004. Fifteen individuals from among the membership committed themselves to the new Church work. That summer several informational and planning meetings were held. At these meetings the tone for the new church was established and ideas for ministries and evangelism were developed.

The start date was set for early September. Several thousand dollars in seed money was raised for the new work. This money went toward advertising efforts, money to rent a meeting facility, and to pay the salary of the evangelist—Jason Carnley. As the start date drew near it was decided the new church would meet at the Carmike Cinemas near Delmont.

We met in the movie theater from September 2004 – March 2005. Finally, in April 2005 we moved into our most recent location in Export. We had a number of interesting events including a flood when a pipe burst. In spite of this we were able to make continual improvements on the facilities. Our nursery and toddler class soon began to overflow. By September 2005 we were able to rent the upstairs for classroom space. We added evening services and a midweek Bible study. God also blessed us with our first new members and in November and December of 2005 when we had our first baptisms at the new church. By the end of the year our average attendance was double what it was when we began.

Fast forward to the end of 2012...After several years of meeting in the building we were renting we became aware of a building that was going to be for sale (most people in the area know the building as "The Hub". It was bigger, had a better location and even better was only 4 buildings up from the building we were renting. We closed in the middle of December and began immediate work (though not much was needed) on the inside to prepare it for our move. 

We held our first service in the new building on January 6th, 2013. God blessed us with 23 visitors! We had our official "Grand Opening" on January 27th, 2013. We are looking forward to the great opportunities that the new building will provide us. In all of the excitement we must always remember, the building is simply that, a building. It's simply a tool for us to spread the Word of God throughout our local community.

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